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Create an experience through design, movement and functionality for Zarrdia.

The Brief

The goal of the project was to create a bespoke website for Zarrdia, a Specialist Cloud Native and Infrastructure firm with a focus on Vendor Agnostic Advisory, Systems Integration and Managed Services summed up neatly with “Think, Build, Run”. The goal was to create an experience through design, movement and functionality that presents the highly technical information in an exciting and intuitive way to explain the benefits to clients of all experience levels and encouraging people to engage with the company to increase their client base.

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Think. Build. Run.

Our Approach

The challenge was to create a website that allowed Zarrdia’s target audience of bluechip companies, understand exactly what Zarrdia did. Previously, the only way this was done was through direct conversation as this was what was required to help people fully understand the offering. In addition to this, we had to keep in mind that the client wanted the design to be extremely innovative, to stand out and to excite potential customers upon landing on the site. The first thing we did to achieve the outcome, was a session to understand the core of who Zarrdia were and what they did. Once we completed this exercise and took the design needs of the client into consideration and we were able to present the client with various ideas on how they could present the hierarchy of information and design flow through the website.

THE Results

We created a new design structure introducing a new colour scheme and look and feel to give the Zarrdia website a fresh and modern finish. We examined the core of what Zarrdia did and created a concept that introduced the user to the three intrinsic characteristics of Zarrdia’s service offering. Our approach was to bring users on a lateral journey that would allow them to understand the services in a vibrant and interesting way. The design standard was of paramount importance as Zarrdia themselves are leaders and innovators in the digital sector and this needed to be reflected. We also wanted to break the boundaries of how companies are traditionally viewed in this sector. A key feature we focused on in achieving this was the animation and movement through the different sections and pages on the site.

The team in Zarrdia were delighted with their end resulting website and believed it was truly a world-class representation of their business.

"The whole experience was very creative, professional but more importantly, on time and on budget"

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