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Tackle your Feelings

Improving Irelands Mental Wellbeing with Rugby Players Ireland and Zurich

The Brief

To create a mental wellbeing or Tackle Your Feelings App, based on sports psychology and positive psychology principles, which aims to help people develop their self-awareness and improve their mental wellbeing. The app would need to guided users through a ‘Training Camp’ programme to help them work on specific areas of mental wellbeing like Confidence, Satisfaction and Resilience.

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The Solution

An easy step by step UI guides users through the steps necessary to improve how they see themselves and how they interact with those around them. Using a bright colourful interface with plenty of media content of their favourite players helps keep things interesting and above all relevant. The App is packed with useful tools like the ‘Wellbeing Indicator’ to track their mental wellbeing, videos from over 25 of Ireland’s top rugby players, sharing tips on what works for them, and a ‘Need Help’ section to access more specialised support.

Exceeding all expectations, TYF reached an international audience and inspired similar campaigns across the globe. The website was accessed in over 130 countries and the app was downloaded in 35 countries with over 8000 downloads.

We created an original comprehensive branding system that integrates the various different app platforms in a bold and friendly way, with supporting marketing material and animation graphics becoming instantly recognisable as part of the Tackle your Feelings campaign.

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