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Poco by Pippa

POCO has been at the forefront of Irish fashion since 2016 and has become a household name. But the brand needed a more mature, high-end look to accurately represent its evolving position in the affordable luxury fashion market.

The Brief

The POCO by Pippa brand has been growing from strength to strength every year since its launch in 2016. They started out with 5 styles of jeans and now have a range of over 70 items across jeans, jumpers, jackets, shoes and loungewear. We were tasked with the design and development of a new logo, visual language, brand assets including product tags, packaging, shopping bags and other branded items as well as a new website and digital assets.

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POCO by Pippa

Our Approach

We completed an extensive research phase where we explored the fashion industry, projected consumer trends in buying behaviour, ecommerce progression and a comprehensive competitor analysis while also reaching out to the most important stakeholders, the POCO by Pippa consumers, to gauge their opinion on the positioning of the brand and its customer value proposition (CVP). We then started the creative process of developing mood boards to represent the varying potential directions the brand could take from an indentity and visual perspective. All of the creatives were presented to the POCO by Pippa team at a brand strategy session where we came to a decision on the direction the brand was going to take. At this stage the design team began the process of designing a completely new visual representation for the brand, now focusing on POCO as a standalone name across branding elements, with a more premium, simplified logo and visual language which was then rolled out across the design of the new POCO website, packaging, social media graphics and advertising concepts.

THE Results

The new representation of POCO really elevates the brand and showcases it as the established and premium fashion brand that it has become and positions POCO within the industry in a way that will allow it to capitalise on the growth opportunities available both in Ireland and overseas. Here are some stats since the launch of the new brand: Website conversions – Up 40% Social Media Engagement – Up 15% Digital Advertising ROI – 159:1

Some Stats Since Launch
Website conversions – Up 40%
Social Media Engagement – Up 15%
Digital Advertising ROI – 159:1

The new website includes a number of unique pieces of functionality, with liquid banner transition, rollover effects and a new clean layout with product features.

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