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Doha Mall

Doha Mall

The Brief

Doha Mall is a super mall is located in the South of Doha, Qatar. The project included a full brand discovery for the mall with visual language development and final rollout. The goal was to ensure that visitors were wowed on arrival to the mall and because the mall’s customer base is both Arabic and European expat, ensuring that both tastes were taken into consideration in the overall design was one of the biggest challenges. Doha Mall has a unique architectural design with sharp angles and cascading waterfalls around the entrance with plans for an aquarium to further impress visitors on arrival.

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The Approach

We decided the building would be the centre point of the new brand after visiting the region and seeing how unique the building was. The sharp angles jutting out make it feel like it unfolds as you walk around it and as the light shifts new shapes are created which we instantly knew we would play on with the design. Initially, we drew up all the angles that we captured from the building to see if there was a specific viewpoint that captured everything, however it was soon established that one angle would not be sufficient so we started looking at multiple angles which led to integrating movement into the logo and the overall brand’s design.

The Results

The results were fantastic and the overall design was well received in Doha thanks to the blend of elements of local culture, modern design and the building. The moving shapes take on a life of their own, dancing continuously as you navigate the website. The website was developed in both English and Arabic to cater for the local Qatari and Expat community based in Doha. The tagline of “Explore The Wonderful” was used during the official launch of comms around the opening of the mall to peak interest in the project and drive awareness in the Doha area prior to the launch of the new super mall.

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