We are Midnight. Experts in the craft of Brand Making. Magic happens at Midnight.

How we Work

01. Research & Analysis

Understanding your brand

The key to any great project is good research & understanding of the brand and the market it is in. Every brand feels and acts differently, targets a different audience and has it’s own unique selling points. By fully understanding these, understanding the competition and evaluating the best way forward, we create design that not only functions within it’s space but owns it.

02. Conceptualisation

Idea generation

Once we have a solid idea of what direction we are taking a design we move into the initial design phase of the project. This includes mind mapping ideas, mood boards, initial sketch and idea generation.

03. Design

When the magic happens

When all the ideas and hard work come together to create a design rooted with clear understanding and creativity.

04. Feedback & Approval

The last step

Concepts are presented to the client and amends made until final concept is chosen.

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